Best wishes, Lucy Church thanks for sharing your story to put the records right!
You're as close to being a Kewpie as it gets!

Thanks for the real story of how the Kewpie Doll became the mascot of Columbia High School in 1914 as told to you by your Uncle Sam in the 60's. As you know Columbia High School went on to become David Henry Hickman High School in 1928 and  the Kewpie moved to Hickman and is still the mascot afte 102 years!
I hope you enjoy the new Kewpie Mascot costumes we added at the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2016..... as we wade into our second hundred years.... Thanks Lucy for contacting me and telling your uncle's story!
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Viideo shot August 27, 2009 with Nikon D90